Safe Bathing

Having difficulty getting in and out of the bath?

We know that bathing can sometimes be dangerous for the elderly. The wet and slippery floor can be harmful and possibly lead to an accident. Getting in and out of the tub can also be difficult especially for someone who needs assistance bathing. Indeed, the sense independence and privacy that everyone deserves while taking a bath can be prolonged with a Walk in Tub.

When you invest in a Walk in Tub, you are not only investing in your home; you are investing in your personal safety and comfort. Walk in Tubs are designed specifically for the elderly and people with disabilities. They have been redesigned for maximum comfort. They provide easy access in and out, as well accessible shower controls. They are quick draining to allow for a faster exit, and they are also equipped with fantastic systems for massage!

If you’re considering getting a Walk-In Tub for easy and safe bathing, here at San Diego Walk In Tubs, can help you. Contact us for any question that you may have regarding your Walk in Tub needs.

HISA Grant for Veterans

Living with a disability is very difficult. Things that were easy for you to do before, are now really hard to do. Even simple everyday things, like taking a bath, can be a real challenge. Having a Walk-In Tub can make your life so much easier, and if you or your loved one is a Veteran of the United States, it can be even easier to get one for your home.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs, under the Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA) program, provides assistance to Veterans with disabilities with any home improvement they require in order to have disability access to essential lavatory and sanitary facilities. To receive assistance, Veterans must apply for the HISA Grant by following the steps mentioned in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.

At San Diego Walk in Tubs, we know that change can be hard, but we can make it easier. Let us help you. If you have any questions about the HISA Grant, and how you could use it to get your very own Walk-In Tub, please use the form on the right to contact us or call us at (619) 708-3358, and we’ll be happy to provide you with all the help you will need in order to apply for the HISA Grant.


If you are living with the pain of arthritis: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 50 million people in the US reported being told by a doctor that they have some form of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout or fibromyalgia,. This common condition can make life very difficult.

Taking control of your arthritis pain by using prescriptions is a common treatment, but it is not your only option.

If you’re looking for a home treatment to soothe your arthritis, you have another option.

Heat and water will always soothe all sorts of ailments, including arthritic pain.

Unfortunately, getting in and out of a regular tub or a shower can not only be challenging for those with ailments, but very dangerous for elderly people. You may fear using the bathroom, especially when it comes to slipping or falling in the shower or tub. Many times you will find that getting in the bath tub or shower is easy but getting out can be very stressful which can lead to a moment of panic that can result in a fall.

However, we offer a safe and comforting alternative to regular bathtubs.

After having gone through a rigorous testing process, Walk-In tubs were  found to be easier to use and more accessible for people with arthritis by the Arthritis Foundation. All of the equipment on the Walk In baths were  tested by people living with different types of arthritis.  The testing indicated that the roll in showers and walk in tubs were easiest to use.  The reports   conveyed that the Walk In Bath features such as an easy access door, grab bars, fixed shower seat, no step  entry in to the shower unit, adjustable shower head, walk in tub seat height, bath handle and the draining system were of extreme value in creating a safe and comfortable bathing experience.

For many years people have been able to see and purchase walk in tubs in San Diego and gain the benefits that they bring to their lives.

Changing out your old tub or shower

No matter what you have going on in your bathroom, if you are considering making your shower easy to access or thinking of installing a walk in bath tub for yourself in your home, or to accommodate an elderly relative, has every option to fit any space. The new Installation will only take a few days to complete.

We guarantee you will be left with a fully functioning bathroom, with the added benefit of feeling safe, relaxed and secure.