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San Diego Walk In Tubs understands that you will have many questions when you consider purchasing a walk in tub. If there are any additional questions we can answer or information we can provide, please call (619)-708-3358 or fill out the Estimate form and fill in the comments section.

1. How long does it normally take to install a walk-in tub or shower?

A: “A standard install normally takes between one and three days depending on the scope of work.”

2. From the time I place my order, how long does the whole project take?

A: “Order to installation on a standard project it normally takes no longer than two weeks.”

3. Are you affiliated with any manufacturers?

A: “Yes. We are affiliated with all the manufacturers. With our wealth of experience and knowledge working with those companies’ products, we can offer you the best solution for you needs at the right price.”

4. Why should I go with

A: “Although we are affiliated with all the manufacturers, we are not contracted with them which means we can help you find the right tub at the right price to fit your needs. There is no commission added to any walk in tub you choose.”

5. How do I choose the right product?

A: “You can call or fill out our contact form. We will call you to set up a FREE in home consultation with one of our technicians.”

6. What can I expect during the FREE in home consultation?

A: “We are in your home or in our showroom to guide you towards the right product for your needs and to educate you on the installation process. There is no sales pressure, just choices.”

7. Can we still use the bathroom during construction?

A: “Depending on the scope of work you can normally use the bathroom. At the end of every working day the bathroom will be clean and usable if it’s your only one.”

8. How many people will be working on my project?

A: “On a standard install there are normally two workers.”

9. What happens to the old tub or shower taken out of my bathroom?

A: “We take everything away and recycle what we can.”

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