Safe Bathing

Having difficulty getting in and out of the bath?

We know that bathing can sometimes be dangerous for the elderly. The wet and slippery floor can be harmful and possibly lead to an accident. Getting in and out of the tub can also be difficult especially for someone who needs assistance bathing. Indeed, the sense independence and privacy that everyone deserves while taking a bath can be prolonged with a Walk in Tub.

When you invest in a Walk in Tub, you are not only investing in your home; you are investing in your personal safety and comfort. Walk in Tubs are designed specifically for the elderly and people with disabilities. They have been redesigned for maximum comfort. They provide easy access in and out, as well accessible shower controls. They are quick draining to allow for a faster exit, and they are also equipped with fantastic systems for massage!

If you’re considering getting a Walk-In Tub for easy and safe bathing, here at San Diego Walk In Tubs, can help you. Contact us for any question that you may have regarding your Walk in Tub needs.

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