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Buying a walk in tub is a major decision, one that will hopefully bring you years of satisfaction, safety, and enjoyment.

Walk in bathtubs provide a convenient and cost effective way to reduce the risk of falling while bathing, and they also make it easier to take baths if you suffer from arthritis or have limited mobility.

The wide variety of walk in bathtubs for sale today can accommodate bathers with almost any level of mobility; whether you can walk unassisted, rely on a walker, or use a wheelchair, there are walk in tubs designed for people in your situation. Walk in bathtubs can provide you with a safe, convenient and relaxing bathing experience no matter what your current level of mobility.

Walk in tubs allow users to get inside the tub without having to step over. This is because they come with built-in doors that would allow you to walk right into the tub. These special doors are equipped with a watertight seal. Some variations of the walk in tub would only open once the tub is empty or when the water is completely drained.

The door’s elevation is only about two inches high, making entry very convenient. This type of tub also comes with faucets that have over-sized controls and that allow for a more convenient temperature adjustment compared to common bathtubs. Just like the standard ones, some walk in bathtubs also have shower heads and hand-held shower nozzles. You will also find walk in tubs with therapeutic values, like the ones with water jets.

Whatever type of walk in tub works best for you will depend on your own preference and needs. Give us a call today and let us help you choose the right walk in tub to fit your needs. San Diego Walk in Tubs is here to help you.

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