About San Diego Walk In Tubs

San Diego Walk in Tubs is brought to you by Jason Goodall whose dedication to customer service and quality assurance has already been tested and proven over the past decade in California, Nevada and Arizona. Through his commitment to bringing safe bathing and to eliminate the fear of bathing, Jason Goodall has reached out and built a reputable supply and communication relationship within the Walk in Tub industry. Jason’s personal experience consists of installing over 4 thousand walk in tubs on the west coast. As with most home improvement projects, quality and installation are key to San Diego Walk in Tubs success. You can bet on your local walk in Tub Company to bring you the best.

Companies Jason has worked with over the years to help establish a service to the California, Arizona and Nevada markets:

  • Premier Care In Bathing
  • American Walk in Tubs
  • American Standard
  • Walk in Tub Depot
  • Freedom Bathing
  • Superior Living Products
  • Independent Living USA
  • Medi Tub
  • Access Tubs
  • Seabridge Bathing
  • Bliss
  • Ellas Bubbles

No matter the size of the installation, I am the person who can get the job done at the right price. Information to the customer is key to their satisfaction.

Jason Goodall