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Mobile & In House Showroom

Do you experience trouble getting in and out of your current bathtub?

If getting in and out of the bathtub has become a concern for you or your loved one, you will love the independence that a Walk In Tub will provide!

Take a look at San Diego Walk In Tubs gallery and see all the different types of walk in tubs available. Call San Diego Walk In Tubs today and schedule a free consultation with a walk in tub specialist at 619-268-3057.

Call San Diego Walk In Tubs today for all your walk in bath and shower installation needs.

Walk In Tubs feature a swing door that conveniently allows you to walk straight in. No more slipping and sliding while stepping in and out of your bath tub! It’s as easy as walking through a door!

It’s not just a great solution, a walk-in tub also offers a sense of dignity for you or your beloved. Stay clean and healthy with your easy-to-use walk-in tub.

At San Diego Walk In Tubs, we believe that safety and dignity shouldn’t have to come at a ridiculous price. That’s why we offer top of the line products that ensure you can bathe with the safety and confidence you deserve!

Our business is dedicated to improving your quality of life and you will love your new independence with a walk-in bath tub or shower! Call today for a quote from one of our friendly consultants!



San Diego Walk in Tubs are fantastic! My grandmother was in desperate need of a tub after a surgery. Jason and his team were quick to respond with an affordable estimate. We were so impressed with their professionalism and craftsmanship. Highly recommend using them!

– Kristie S. Chula Vista, San Diego, CA

I recently contacted Jason for information about a walk in tub for my elderly mother-in-law. We set an appointment for an estimate. After viewing the proposed location, Jason selected several types of tubs that would work. We were able to view numerous installed photos on Jason’s ipad to help with the decision. An estimate was made and a contract signed. The work was completed on time in a professional manner by courteous installers. The bathroom was cleaned after each day’s work so it could be utilized. It turned out beautifully. A few days later I contacted Jason concerning adding another grab bar by the toilet. Within hours of the phone call it had been installed. I would highly recommend Jason and his company to anyone in the market for a walk in tub.

– Mr. W. Grant Valley Center, CA

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Our Latest Work

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